Self-sealing Pouches

Flat Reels With Internal and External Indicators

The special feature that distinguishes these reels from the standard flat reels, is the fact of having in addition to the usual indicator outside, also an indicator within the welding.

Code Measure Packing Unit
RP050200 50mm x 200m 8
RP075200 75mm x 200m 8
RP100200 100mm x 200m 4
RP120200 120mm x 200m 4
RP150200 150mm x 200m 4
RP200200 200mm x 200m 2
RP250200 250mm x 200m 2
RP270200 270mm x 200m 2
RP300200 300mm x 200m 2
RP320200 320mm x 200m 1
RP350200 350mm x 200m 1
RP380200 380mm x 200m 1
RP400200 400mm x 200m 1
RP420200 420mm x 200m 1
RP500200 500mm x 200m 1
RP600200 600mm x 200m 1