Self-sealing Pouches

Self-sealing Pouches

A special film with characteristics of resistance and good peelability, sealed to a medical paper with high anti-bacterial protection and good quality to sterilization, are the main components of our flat reels. Raw materials are selected by us, and all the working phases, till to have the finished products, are made under our own direct control in our factory.


  • Medical Paper 60 g/m2
  • Laminated Film PET/PP peel blue color
  • Indicators STEAM and EO (water based, not toxic)
  • Conformity with international standards
  • Multi-line weld lines are very durable and equally spaced.
  • No release of fibers of paper or lacerations of the plastic material
  • Opening direction is marked
  • The chevron allows a rapid and correct opening
  • In one of the two ends of the envelope has been applied to a strip of bioadhesive tape to close the pouch
  • Personalize your products on request – private label


The special feature that distinguishes our Self-Sealing Pouches from the standard Self-Sealing Pouches, is the fact of having in addition to the usual indicator outside, also an indicator within the welding.
The indicator inside is protected by a further welding so that you avoid contact between the material inserted in the roll and the ink as it is required by the regulations.

Benefits of the double parameter of sterilization:

  • Increased safety during the sterilization process: check done by two indicators, external and internal.
  • Complete guarantee on the sterilized product: the indicators are in direct contact with the gas that sterilizes the product inserted
  • Saving of money and time: it is not necessary to insert an indicator strip of sterilization inside the reel/pouch as further check
  • Total and easier check: regarding the reels, it is possible to check the internal sterilization on all the length of the piece cut
  • Indicators protection: the internal indicators are protected; they can’t enter in contact with the product inserted
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Code Measure (mm) Packing Unit
BA060100 60x100 4200(21box200pcs)
BA060200 60x200 2400(12box200pcs)
BA075250 75x250 2400(12box200pcs)
BA090165 90x165 2400(12box200pcs)
BA090250 90x250 2400(12box200pcs)
BA140260 140x260 1600(8box200pcs)
BA190330 190x330 1200(6box200pcs)
BA190370 190x370 1200(6box200pcs)
BA190400 190x400 1200(6box200pcs)
BA300370 300x370 800(4box200pcs)
BA300450 300x450 800(4box200pcs)
BA300500 300x500 800(4box200pcs)