Self-sealing Pouches

Tyvek Reels

The Tyvek Reels are composed by a side in transparent plastic film and by a side of coated or uncoated Tyvek. High barrier and peelability mean that they prove the most suitable use for the gas plasma sterilization.

Articles made by plastic film and coated or uncoated Tyvek®:

  • Tyvek® reels for plasma sterilization
  • Tyvek® pouches
  • Tyvek® Sheets

  • Code Measure (mm) Packing Unit
    RT075100 75mm x 100m 8
    RT100100 100mm x 100m 4
    RT150100 150mm x 100m 4
    RT200100 200mm x 100m 2
    RT250100 250mm x 100m 2
    RT300100 300mm x 100m 2
    RT350100 350mm x 100m 1
    RT400100 400mm x 100m 1
    RT500100 500mm x 100m 1